Monday, January 21, 2008

Paralyzed Flap

I have had two situations recently where I was asked to treat a paralyzed flap. The first was at Churchill Downs during the November meet. The owner, trainer and vet felt that the throat was becoming paralyzed. The horse was treated daily for 7 days before shipping to Tampa Bay
D0wns. The treatment time was 15 minutes at what I would consider a low to medium pulse setting. The coil was placed on each side of the neck in line with the bridle and cradled at base of neck. After arrival in Florida the trainer had the horse re scoped and the indication was not visible to the trainer or veterinarian. The horse is currently progressing well in training.

The second case was in Ocala Florida in mid January. The horse has Stage 4 paralysis and has been treated with everything available according the the trainer. I was asked to treat the horse as a last ditch effort. The horse was treated on Friday morning and then again on Monday and Tuesday and scoped immediately after the Tuesday treatment. I was present for the scope (nervous of course) when the vet turned and said that he did not know what we had done, but the horse did not scope this good for over 5 weeks. He felt that paralysis was still present but improving. His comment was that if someone did not know it was previously there that it could be missed. We continued treating the horse for four additional treatments. I am awaiting the scope results which I will share when received.

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Pat Ziemer said...

Follow-up, Upon second scoping the flap remained in the same position as the previous scope on Monday but paralysis remained. This suggests that it is important to catch and treat throat indications as early as possible. The horse from Kentucky continues to train well and is entered to race the last week of January 08.